Director’s Statement

ALL ROADS LEAD TO HOME was originally an account of my first music tour back in 1989, but after realising the original script resembled an Inbetweeners adventure, I wondered if it was possible to reframe the events as a ‘buddy movie’.

As a new approach, I decided the road-trip should be undertaken by a girl and boy – one where the love was focussed on the music and not romance. The dynamics of being in a band are not too dissimilar from being around siblings, so this was the direction of the new script.

Imogen Archer (AMY) and Frederick Szkoda (MATT) clicked right from the start, and with COVID-19 postponing production for a year, they started rehearsing on their own over zoom – developing a genuine friendship that absolutely sparkles on screen.

People who’ve seen this film remark that the friendship theme throughout the film makes this film feel very zeitgeist. We have all realised over the past few years that a togetherness can overcome adversity. This wasn’t the driving idea, but it’s pleasing that audiences have connected with the film in this way.

The ‘HOME’ in the title is not a literal one – rather it is the place you feel most comfortable. I hope this film inspires you to go on a journey to find yours.